Android One The next revolution

Recently Google released android one phones and its creating quite a buzz in the media, although similarly priced phones are available which offers higher specs. So what's makes android one phones so special, let's see in detail . Google usually introduces new versions of Android every year which improves on user experience , speed and battery performance. The phone makers has to customize it to suit their phone hardware . Since phone makers use different hardware its a tedious task for them to customize it for each models so they usually skip providing  the newer versions of Android  for their low end phones even mid range phones get only one or two updates. After a year or so  you are usually left behind with old and outdated software with low end phones. And android one provides a solution for this problem.

What's android one ?
Its a reference platform where Google customize the hardware and software platform to bring in a uniformity and the partner companies can make phones based on it . Only the outer shell remains different . Everything from processor, ram, display remains the same . And Google provides customized software for this . Further updates are also provided directly by Google instead of the phone makers . Currently two years of support from Google is promised . So you will be getting latest versions like upcoming android L for the these phones .It is just like the little brother of nexus which is designed by google and manufactured by other companies like LG but directly gets the updates from google .

                       Since the software is tailored to fit the hardware you will be getting a fluid performance despite being low end phone . Is there any disadvantage with the current gen android one ?. These phones feature only 4 GB of storage and there is no option to move apps to SD card, for normal user who installs a few apps it won't be an issue but for installing big games you may run short of storage but consider its a phone costing only 6.3k . It also provides reasonable good 5mp camera and 2 mp front camera.

If you are a person who don't want to spend more  on a mobile but use the apps like Whatsapp ,Skype ,Gmail,  Instagram,Hangouts etc  this is all you need . Currently Micromax, Karbon and Spice are offering phones on android platform so which one to choose . Since all are basically same phones the choice would depend on your preference on back shell looks, service provided by the company at your town and availability. 
Spice Dream UNo
Karbon Sparkle 
Micromax Canvas A1

One thing Google  could have improved is the storage department. At least they could have provided 8 GB of inbuilt storage . Hope Google brings the same initiative to mid segment hardware also. A 5 inch HD  screen , 16 GB storage and a good 8 megapixel shooter for 10k will be the killer phone in markets like India .

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