A walk around my house with my new Canon EFS 55 250 mm

Its been a long time i wanted a tele lens for my cam , i researched for many months Googling the net and going through the reviews and drooling over the white 70 200 Ls and black 70 300s  etc . The white beauties of canon used to come in my dreams  and started saying "take me in your hands my dear". Only problem as usual was the cost. I had to spend around 35k for a 70 200 that to without Image stabilization. so years passed with out a tele lens did many trips and i desperately wanted a tele  and finally i stopped listening to my heart and settled for the "EFS 55 250 IS". Last week during Vishu holiday i took her around my home in my moms garden here are some pics with it and it dint disappoint me too.

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