Three must have "affordable" lenses for Photography beginners with Canon DSLRs

1. Canon EFS 18 55 IS
       Most probably you might be having one, as this comes as the kit lens of most of the recent crop sensor Canon DSLRs like 1100D,550D,600D etc . This lens covers the frequently used focal length of most of the hobbyists .With its 18mm wide end (effectively 28.8mm)  and relatively high depth of field you can capture  good landscape images .  Its image stabilization is effective and comes in handy in low light (not ultra low light ). If you have non image stabilized version ( which used to come with 400D and 1000D) of this you should  consider upgrading to the IS version . 

2. Canon EF 50mm 1.8 
      For me this lens was one of the reasons why i chose a Canon system , light in  weight but gives spectacular results. with its wide aperture of "f1.8" ideal lens for beginners to learn the use of Depth of field . The Nifty Fifty as it fondly called gives excellent color contrast and sharpness which is not possible with lenses costing five times as this one . On the crop sensor canons it offers a equivalent focal length approximately 85mm which is good for portraiture. You can easily blur the background and create a separation of you subject from background . 50mm 1.8 also excels in low light photography . Really a must have lens for all Canon DSLR beginners  . 

3. Canon EFS 55 250 IS 
     Another highly useful lens which covers the tele range , its a very sharp lens even in its tele end  for its price . 55 250IS offers image stabilization which is a must for handheld usage in its range. Although similarly prices Canon 75 300 mm  offers more reach but its not as sharp as 55 250 and dosent have IS . any thing better than 55 250 will cost at least three times .  you can get a taste of bird photography and street photography with this black beauty .With its tele end you can capture fine portraits with good background blur . 

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