How to make your laggy boring Galaxy Grand run faster

I bought Samsung Galaxy grand duos since it offers a good camera for a android phone in  the price bracket of 20K, Lcd display was also not bad but it was a real slow runner , you press on the gallery app it takes many seconds for it to display the pics , click the home button and you have to wait to reach he home screen . Finally i got fed up and cursed my self for buying it, I even thought of selling it off . But the options for good cam phone under 20k which records good videos and shoots above average pics are very limited , Moto G is a good option but i don't think the 5mp shooter of Motorola can stand up to grands  shooter and it was not released in India when i purchased the Grand  . So i tried to tweak some thing and make the slow guy run bit faster , If you are also finding your Grand duos crawling try this you will not be disappointed .

1. Throw away that touch wiz get a faster launcher
one of the main reason phone seems slow is the heavy user interface Samsung provides and the grand Duos don't have the muscle to carry it around  so give it  light and fast user interface like Nova launcher , no more funny sliding and all just pure nexus like interface .
Nova Launcher at Playstore

2. Animations are for kids ...

Animations are good but full slow motion is boring , after using your phone for some time you want to get to the next window or home screen or close a window  faster you may not want to wait for the anime to finish . so shut the animations down this will make your phone faster .

go to settings >more > developer options > drawings  turn off all animations


developer options is hidden in 4.2 onward you have to make it visible , go to settings >more> about device (in system manager) >device name and just tap the Build number ,you have to do two or three taps and the developer options will be enabled 

3. Replace the Gallery App
 the default gallery app is one of the most slowly opening Apps i found on this phone replace it with Quickpic as the name suggests its quick .

Quickpic at Play Store

4. Get a better dialer
     Stock dialer takes few seconds to show up get something fast like exdialer which loads fast and its easy to operate  .

5. Unlink that s voice app from home button.
when  you click the home button many times the s voice app pops up instead of going to the home screen . go to svoice app press the left hard  key and go to setting unchecked the open via home key .

6. Install a Memory Manager.

7. Remove that water drop sound making lock screen and put something slick search the play store and find one suitable for your like .

8 Turn off that live wall paper and unnecessary widgets ,

All these steps will make your phone visible faster , at least it wont frustrate you like the original interface. Just give a try you wont be disappointed .

I tried a custom ROM based on kitkat the Cyanogen mode CM11 which really makes it faster
check more here


  1. really worked out thanks a lot !!!!

  2. Samsung links also taking huge memories. My blog is

  3. Hi. I cannot replace my default gallery app to quickpic for viwing pictures via camera.
    Please help me in this

  4. Thank you very much.. really worked

  5. Thank you very much. Was planning to throw my mob but now really working nicely.


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