Photoshop® Express - Shoot and post process on your Mobile

There is a  famous quote about photography  "The Best Camera Is The One You Have With You" although i don't remember who said it but its really true . And for most of us it will be the mobile camera which is the most carried camera all day . Now a days we shoot and share pics to net straight from the camera and one of the problem which we come across with  the standard cam apps of the phones is lack of  features like cropping , exposure fixing , horizon straightening etc . To address these issues Adobe has brought out their most popular program Photoshop's mobile edition .The Photoshop® Express. Its a very easy to use program,although only the basic editing tools are provided   you can edit with your finger tips quickly . 

Photoshop express is available as a free download for android and iphones . And offers most needed basic features of its desktop edition . like exposure correction , contrast fixing etc.

Also offers additional features like some pre installed effect filters.
You can also apply a variety of borders quickly .

Here are some pics i shot and edited with Galaxy Y( which is a ordinary fixed focus 2mp cam )

Before .....

Applied cropping ,exposure changing ,saturation boost , soft focus etc ( i know i have gone overboard with processing and all but just to demonstrate the apps  power :) .

Get it here 

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